Looking Back

us children loved the winds on our scalps, pumping concrete to slip through webbed panels of rickety get-away chariots to ease the time us children rode the waves with satin ties and scuffed Filas dropping off smokes and picking up plates staying out late the many weeks foiled cause of red-handed cookie jar days and... Continue Reading →

I Don’t See You

I gotta knack for tripping those who think they know who they're speaking with, what I'm dealing with, who swear they know what and who I should do in the event that I feel used abused and lonely, who offer a friendly quick fix but I don't take kindly to those who want to bind... Continue Reading →

Come, Follow Me

notches in my headboard vows from the night before, forgotton when i tasted the air and caught his scent wanting to run with his wind, blend losing all sense of myself mindless, heedless, he drew me in - B. Brown (art by Lynn Ward: Giant)

Journal: This Morning

This morning, she asks me, Is she in heaven with Babydoll?   Probably not together, I tell her, your grandmother didn't like snakes.   Cats? Yes. Doggies? Yes.   I love her, Mommy. Yes, honey, I know.   She loves you too.   - B. Brown   Just leave it to our children to remind... Continue Reading →

Focus, Necessary

cramped, stuffed away dwelling in the twilight of cranberry scented candles whispering concerns and intentions above my favorite mug, caffeine to stimulate my fading will, worn keys to beckon my fantasies -B. Brown (Collage by Maurice Mbikayi)

Check In

why are you smiling? he asked puzzled as if I needed a reason to smile, it's been a good day, I tell him oh, you've musta made some money today, he said I shrug, well, there's that too, I say but I've had this smile since I woke up in a bed of books and... Continue Reading →

This is for You

I woke up sensing how hard this really is for you, you had to take an extra five to get out of bed took three expresso shots instead of two you almost cried after spending ten minutes just staring at the screen fiddling your pen and flipping through notebook pages you couldn't get it out,... Continue Reading →

Does She See Me Too?

so there's this girl... she just showed up one day on earth, and breezed by me with a warm smile but haunted, flickering eyes. i didn't pay much attention to her until she made an effort to speak kindly to me. her voice brought a smile out of me, as if her pleasantries were code... Continue Reading →

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