She Raises Me

A prose poem that I wrote for class: Flirting with thirty from down the hall, barely grasping the scheme of it all, I pull my breaker tighter though the weather is nicer as she tugs on the strap of my baggage, slowing my pace. In a line, with no front and no end but I'm... Continue Reading →

Journal: This Morning

This morning, she asks me, Is she in heaven with Babydoll?   Probably not together, I tell her, your grandmother didn't like snakes.   Cats? Yes. Doggies? Yes.   I love her, Mommy. Yes, honey, I know.   She loves you too.   - B. Brown   Just leave it to our children to remind... Continue Reading →


it's in her brown eyes and shy grin the way she laughs when she shouts, she wins me when she needs me honestly, loves and cares constantly gaze always on me pondering possibly fun and snickers with me she searches for me when she can't feel me calls for me when I'm about to recede,... Continue Reading →

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