now I spit out the bloody tooth and smile nothing scares me I’ve already seen my death come on, that’s it what else you got for me? - B. Brown This poem is from my book, Amnesia. Sometimes I have to go back and look at earlier poems to find my place again...


you may have posted a poem the other day about heartache and frustration or maybe you shared a short romantic story one that'd been simmering in your mind for ages or maybe you had the strength to drag a traumatic experience out into the open as memoir or journal entry... what ever it was, it... Continue Reading →

Spat Out

I'd knew it'd get stuck in my teeth but I'm a child with spacious eyes who's been deprived and I thought if I took my time, peeling away the melted layer, pry it with only my lips, roll it over my tongue a few times, I'll find it's flavor 'cause it was my favorite color,... Continue Reading →

To Walk on Water…

the single cell amoeba sends out it's distress signal in the form of a secretion that attracts other single cells... safety in numbers, fish maintain a closed distance from one another, constantly keeping tabs, not too close, not too far just enough to up the odds of survival should nature decide to rush it's course...... Continue Reading →

Stop What You’re Doing…

... it's time to play. As writers trying to manifest abundance with our gifts, we often forget to have fun. We get caught up with our inner critics, feel the weight of kin's gifts and get discouraged, push so hard we exhaust ourselves become creatively arrested or forget that our gifts are unique to the... Continue Reading →

Green Light

yeah I twisted my hair, painted my nails... oh that picture? I got this from the mall just had to make sure you heard my call and, I don't plan on getting dressed those jeans you wanted to wear? oh, they're in the washer, it's a shame because they mold against your frame in the... Continue Reading →

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