"We've discussed this." *glances off to the side "You got me through a lot today. You were very well-behaved. I'm impressed." "It was a good day for me right?" "Yes, it was. You showed a lot of discipline. But now, your turn is over." "But I can help-" "You already have, you've given me a... Continue Reading →


it seems to come every ten minutes, cascading through a fog screen to smother the trees and rattle the stones, a presence known to those who watch the clock from an intermediate stop, an arrival that usually misses me despite parched plausibilities and sluggish sentiments, I cave and repent, pray before I soil the first... Continue Reading →

$#!+s and Giggles

what you frettin' for? I thought the hook up was good? yet you're hanging on me wishing I would chill on me, what's happening? what happened to the heavy hand? you knew this was the plan, hit you up when the going's tough skip a block, see ya' later, I'll keep in touch touch and... Continue Reading →


my dress was one of plenty but on me, custom ordered because it suited you. You could touch my knee, inquire about my warmth with a brush on my thigh but you knew I'd stop you before I lit almost wore the shoes that are as high as I try to be but I didn't... Continue Reading →


I've been learning to take my chances, opening myself up to new realities since the one I'm living now no longer satisfies me... - B. Brown

The Practice

I ready for the surgical fervor every morning, practicing pain, passion and prayer unfastening the ego that confines me, it digests to embody me encapsulate me as a steriod too hefty for the faint of heart loyal to this untraceable art i do my part, reopening sutures to diagnose my future - B. Brown DailyPrompt:... Continue Reading →


escaping functional fixed-ness flowing against the stream and I love the rush the push the approaching dream it no longer stings to see through to the means - B. Brown

It’s Not Me…

it's not that I didn't appreciate the self-made gifts, or the tiny trinkets that trickled for whatever reason while they were in season yes, I listened when you spoke and I learned not to speak during just as I learned you weren't there to hear me and that was just fine, whatever you needed we... Continue Reading →

Sell Out

Contemplating the clearance rack that has a knack for directing the scums my way Weighing whether or not to put myself on display and risk that ashtray conduct just to cop a cum because all anyone wants is to just cop a cum tallying followers with synthetic souls, with those biweekly peaks that skim Romes,... Continue Reading →

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