I’ve Returned

and where've I been? easing from under the shade of my apple tree whose roots have broken concrete, whose fruits have fallen too soon from the faintest winds, where have I been? cowering amongst rotten cores and tics disguised as seeds hailing Mary every time I thought I heard my mirror speak... but my reflection... Continue Reading →


it's in her brown eyes and shy grin the way she laughs when she shouts, she wins me when she needs me honestly, loves and cares constantly gaze always on me pondering possibly fun and snickers with me she searches for me when she can't feel me calls for me when I'm about to recede,... Continue Reading →

Help Yourselves

not everyone catches on to the trend because we die too soon before we can tell the ancient tales of our paladin kin... the pattern goes unnoticed because we're too busy struggling with internal bloodshed to lift our heads and see that the nonsense spilling from TV persuading there's something wrong with us we are... Continue Reading →

Forgive Your Mother

she never had anything good to say about her mother until she needed help I know a man who still resents his mother for abandoning him when he was young there was another who said she never wanted to see her mother again a pair like to punish their mothers by withholding their children and... Continue Reading →


The sky turned inside out, The sun shook the ground And the elements grated on me Even as I sleep, And I hope you can see me Idling a hundred floors down, What else can you see From that high? I can cope knowing this Joke was just taken too Seriously, you're up in a... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Glorious

via Daily Prompt: Glorious Glorious be to The Most High the One who allows it, the One who wills it I will serve for your grace, accept with grace your distastes I praise your Happenings pray for your purging rebel in your urging and revere your Merging, Glorious be to The Most High, my Love,... Continue Reading →


He was waiting for me on the balcony yesterday morning. He smiled awkwardly and I said, "Oh, that's right. Your bag." I went back inside, struggled with a black duffle bag and brought it out for my neighbor. He didn't need me to hold onto the bag anymore. I didn't ask why. He nodded, then... Continue Reading →

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