I cant believe I made it to 1k followers! This is truly a blessing for me and I want to thank you guys for your love, support and feedback. You’ve helped me grow and maintain the confidence to keep growing. Thank you thank you thank yous!

Update: I finished my Story and Concept class with an A! It was so stressful but my hard work certainly paid off.

I got a new kitten! His name is Alfred and he always likes to help me edit on the computer

I’m moving to Atlanta this year! I’m terrified but excited to expand my horizons

A publishing company contacted me! This could be the beginning of my career guys! Wish me luck!

This is actual footage of me…

… crying tears of joy haha. I never thought that I would get such amazing feedback from all of you. I was hesitant to display my work on the internet. Well, okay, I was being a little punk. I didn’t know if anyone would dig me, ya dig? But I went for it anyways. I just closed my eyes and jumped in and I never imagined the life that it would take on it’s own. All of you have shown me such love and encouragement, and you inspire me to write more. I am truly grateful for all of you.
So, I just wanted to say thank you <3 (image by Pat Presley, concept designer and visual artist for the entertainment industry.)