This journey is unlike anything I could’ve imagined ( good thing this whole thing isn’t my daydream). Because I didn’t think I had it in me, this thing that everyone else saw in me. This thing that earned me the honor of teaching twenty-two blossoming minds.

I was only substituting for about a month and a half before this kindergarten class was tossed into my lap.

I’m considered a long-term substitute; these babies are mine for the rest of the year. I don’t have a teaching certification. My BA didn’t have anything to do with education. I didn’t even want this responsibility. But anyone who is a writer knows about the call to adventure, when the protagonist’s world turns upside down, random people start coming out of no where and the protagonists begins to learn things they wouldn’t have thought to ask about.

And it’s funny because when I prayed, all I asked for was a little push in the right direction. I want to teach college level one day and all I wanted was to be shown the way…

And I think I’ve hit that first conflict. I haven’t been able to write or read or do anything like that for me. I wasn’t able to finish the first draft of my novel for Nanowrimo and I’m only six chapters away. Honestly, I’m crying on the inside, trying to figure out what’s going to come next because I know where my heart really lies; it’s in my writing.

I don’t know where I’m going with this – with this career shift or this blog post. I guess this is me just trying to figure it out, coming to terms with what I’ve asked for.

It just feels strange, knowing that I was heard.

And answered so swiftly.

What does this mean?

– B. Brown

(art by Randall David Tipton: Logjam)

Double Slit

I had quantum fever this evening and watched a video about the Double Slit Experiment. Long story short, the ‘light-ripple’ experiment demonstrates the theory that all realities are possible until a destination is detected. If you want more juicy details, click this:


Anyways, isn’t that cool? How do light particles ‘know’ what their destinations are? How does light ‘know’ where it ‘wants’ to go? Why does it seem to change it’s attitude, from particle-like to wave-like, depending on the obstacles and space around it?

Well, how do you know where you want to be? We have to switch our attitudes depending on where your going, who’s around and what you’re trying to do. We can’t stay in the same state if we’re trying to get to another time and space, one that’s more favorable.

The next time you find yourself afraid to switch forms or try another path, just remember, you’re cancelling out a lot of other possibilities. All realities exist all at once. It’s up to you to make happen what you want to happen.

– B. Brown

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Daily Prompt: Exceptional

via Daily Prompt: Exceptional

piping hot psyche
roll it over with my tongue
and savor every ounce of trial,
tribulation, necessary confabulations
that keep your synapses intact,
there are no bad flavors,
you fleeting fetish feast,
wetting my buds
I lap your livelihood,
the boldest boast that boosts you
watch me contact with no hands,
pigments painting my puckers
I smear the facade
with exceptional strokes
until your sternum strains
and your heart bucks
and feel your distress
but I can ride, baby
I can ride…

– B. Brown

How to Make Outside In

Read for fun,
study for growth.
Practice your vocabulary,
writing their definitions and sounding them out.

Watch a show you wouldn’t normally choose
and then listen to a song that isn’t your
usual groove.

Talk to people, examine their views.

Be loving and kind towards the most
awful people.

Don’t play yourself, anoint yourself,
don’t wait for someone else to do it.

After that, go for a walk in the rain,
feel this manifestation of pain.

Touch her bark, but avoid picking his petals,
only take as much as you need.

Keep yourself clean and mentally steady.

Accept that chances will be chances,
it’s all one big happening anyway

Now go watch volcanoes shoot ice sheets
or the stars rise from the Atlantic.

Bring Him In, He’s not an outsider.
After all, He didn’t bring you into
this world, He brought you out of Him.

Take a swim through the earth,
afterwards, surf the sky,
sound out His fragrance
study Her stride.
Make what’s above you, part of you,
what’s right, make it left,
observe while blind

then come back and tell me what you find.

– B. Brown

The Kapuas

In 2005, a new species of snake was discovered around the Kapuas River in the Indonesian part of the Borneo Island. The snake expert that caught the reddish-brown, poisonous snake put it in a container and when he went to retrieve it, the snake had turned almost completely white. This skill is noted in the reptile kingdom but it’s rare to see in snakes. It’s ability to change colors is what kept it from discovery until then. Camouflage makes them all the more difficult to find, as if they weren’t already master escape artists. The Kapuas Mud Snake is one of thousands of newly discovered species. It amazes me that Mother Nature still has the juice to surprise us after all this time.

Now imagine – without looking it up to find images of it – a chameleon snake? I imagine a large, hefty serpent with jaws wide enough to swallow a pig. It’s shockingly long and it’s black scales glisten as it moves in an ‘s’ pattern towards the river embankment. Its scales begin shifting, ripening until it flushes out into the muddiest green. The snake glides into the water, under the pressing moonlight, noting the chill. It shifts again to a time-weathered white, almost glowing just under the surface. It becomes another ripple in the water, as a guest in the Kapuas river.

I don’t know if the Kapuas Mud Snake has just any color on tap when it needs it but it’s rare ability is intriguing nonetheless. It still possesses an advantage that fooled other animals and humans. I also imagine that the skill affords it to explore more places undetected. How far could a Kapuas Mud Snake go if it wanted to travel the world?

None of us know where this lifetime is going to take us so it would help to add as much to our pallets as we can, while we can. We’re less likely to have our travels interfered with if our awareness isn’t struggling within an inch of its life. We all know that phrase ‘knowledge is power’ but it’s also safety from the negative forces that try to trip us. It’s why we should strive to boost our awareness. To nourish our budding kens.

What are some ways you keep a steady flow of knowledge in your life?