I didn't know how turbulent finding myself would be. It meant that I had to shift through all the bullshit that was blocking my intuition. It meant I had to be honest, and accept every element of myself and my history. I'm remembering dreams I'd forgotten, emotions I never dealt with and a state of... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Crushes…

you spin, surrounded in a circle of wonderful disasters knowing that with a little more work, you could get them to come to Be so you say to me, with just one life to live, I don't know which one to run with, but that's easy to tell, I think, these days just like with... Continue Reading →


"We've discussed this." *glances off to the side "You got me through a lot today. You were very well-behaved. I'm impressed." "It was a good day for me right?" "Yes, it was. You showed a lot of discipline. But now, your turn is over." "But I can help-" "You already have, you've given me a... Continue Reading →


I've been learning to take my chances, opening myself up to new realities since the one I'm living now no longer satisfies me... - B. Brown

The Practice

I ready for the surgical fervor every morning, practicing pain, passion and prayer unfastening the ego that confines me, it digests to embody me encapsulate me as a steriod too hefty for the faint of heart loyal to this untraceable art i do my part, reopening sutures to diagnose my future - B. Brown DailyPrompt:... Continue Reading →


escaping functional fixed-ness flowing against the stream and I love the rush the push the approaching dream it no longer stings to see through to the means - B. Brown


It'll come after you've stopped looking at the clock out the window and down the road, when you're done wearing the carpet in trying to picture it, hear it give it hair, lips and grace spray it with choking perfume and dressing it in what others would call 'good' It'll come when you stop judging... Continue Reading →

Comfort for the Clock-smith

Said my soul, in It's sleep, upon remedy, "Was my ego really so blinding I didn't see the mass of Unknown timing me?" We are children reluctant to sleep because of what we think we will miss But there will be more afterwards Because going out Implies coming in and after being up for so... Continue Reading →


The sky turned inside out, The sun shook the ground And the elements grated on me Even as I sleep, And I hope you can see me Idling a hundred floors down, What else can you see From that high? I can cope knowing this Joke was just taken too Seriously, you're up in a... Continue Reading →

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