Pull After Pull

she will soak the sleepless night with her praise, as glistening sheets cascade where they may fleeing from folds of limbs, bids that bend, moans and yips that rinse the walls amongst rain scented pillow cases that cup and caress strained faces the moon, she will rush the room push and pull wave and you... Continue Reading →

As Can Be

I caught you staring at me,as if I were a thing of beautyas if these scars didn't maulthe silk of my skinas if you weren't afraidto freeze in the blizzardof my gaze,as if there wasn't bloodsmeared from my chin to my cheekas if my lungs weren't soakedwith the tarof my angstI saw yousee me as... Continue Reading →

Surprise Gift

I told herwhere not to touch, not to bite, not to pinchwhat tickledmade me jerk, went too deepmade me spasmbut the gasps...and the moansthe pleasureand the pastthe restit didn't matteras I was latheredwith a sudden rapture- B. Brown(image courtesy of Pinterest)

Cup of Sugar

you're there with a craving for the coconut milk that polishes my skin, my neck, lavished with lavender and my honey-lemon stained tongue with a faint fragrance of a hard working day wet bark and grass, earth cigarette smoke, motor oil and rum or maybe dry erase, coffee and wood shavings in any case, you're... Continue Reading →

Journal: This Morning

This morning, she asks me, Is she in heaven with Babydoll?   Probably not together, I tell her, your grandmother didn't like snakes.   Cats? Yes. Doggies? Yes.   I love her, Mommy. Yes, honey, I know.   She loves you too.   - B. Brown   Just leave it to our children to remind... Continue Reading →


i write this now as my brain swishes beneathe by crown as my vision sways with the teetering room i miss you now i missed you then and i'll probably miss you when my mind comes back again because there's no amount of booze that could get rid of you or your laughter or your... Continue Reading →


there once was time, my name on your tongue was savored something sweet and warm, and when you touched me, you carved trails that no one else could prevail you'd search for me, remember? blushed for me, i remember, you'd think of cheesy ways to flirt or draw me near, just to smell the fragrance... Continue Reading →


it's in her brown eyes and shy grin the way she laughs when she shouts, she wins me when she needs me honestly, loves and cares constantly gaze always on me pondering possibly fun and snickers with me she searches for me when she can't feel me calls for me when I'm about to recede,... Continue Reading →


from no where a gust of humid air to cling to my hair to weigh my head up allowing much to see   so much heat from this refreshing spring within a hideaway within glacial caves that numb and refract after hailing waves   at high altitudes snatching my breath the purest oxygen to arrest... Continue Reading →

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