this one time, for one night only, you belonged to me and I was nobody's, free to be reckless, as rough and eager as we knew we both needed, I thought we were harmless and we believed it we were careless winded and massless falling harder than we wanted this night for this time only... Continue Reading →


my dress was one of plenty but on me, custom ordered because it suited you. You could touch my knee, inquire about my warmth with a brush on my thigh but you knew I'd stop you before I lit almost wore the shoes that are as high as I try to be but I didn't... Continue Reading →

Sell Out

Contemplating the clearance rack that has a knack for directing the scums my way Weighing whether or not to put myself on display and risk that ashtray conduct just to cop a cum because all anyone wants is to just cop a cum tallying followers with synthetic souls, with those biweekly peaks that skim Romes,... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Thorny

via Daily Prompt: Thorny Your fragrance swallows me into a peace as I stain your sheets, still clothed as thorny kisses nick my skin. Your breath, a subtle base to prompt my chorus but I pressed the groove 'cause the TLC would only come passed due, after my womb turned blue from the absence of... Continue Reading →

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