Comfort for the Clock-smith

Said my soul, in It's sleep, upon remedy, "Was my ego really so blinding I didn't see the mass of Unknown timing me?" We are children reluctant to sleep because of what we think we will miss But there will be more afterwards Because going out Implies coming in and after being up for so... Continue Reading →


The sky turned inside out, The sun shook the ground And the elements grated on me Even as I sleep, And I hope you can see me Idling a hundred floors down, What else can you see From that high? I can cope knowing this Joke was just taken too Seriously, you're up in a... Continue Reading →


They loom so subtlety, Safety illusions That dazzle in the twilight, That strong arm the horizon As a silent struggle Between daylight And the night life. And the sky got so massive Once I chopped my way From the concrete palace, Standing three inches deep In the earth, smelling five years Of noted self-worth. A... Continue Reading →

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