She Raises Me

A prose poem that I wrote for class: Flirting with thirty from down the hall, barely grasping the scheme of it all, I pull my breaker tighter though the weather is nicer as she tugs on the strap of my baggage, slowing my pace. In a line, with no front and no end but I'm... Continue Reading →

Childhood Treasure

it wasn't a doll, though I had plenty, or the cars or blocks lost in my memories I had teddy bears from wall to wall even footballs and basket balls she wanted me to have it all all she never did but mostly what I miss are the hardcovers and paperbacks she'd read aloud with... Continue Reading →

Forgive Your Mother

she never had anything good to say about her mother until she needed help I know a man who still resents his mother for abandoning him when he was young there was another who said she never wanted to see her mother again a pair like to punish their mothers by withholding their children and... Continue Reading →

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