To Whom This May Concern…

As sorry as I've felt, at the foot of my bed, fetal and folded in holiday in flannel, softening for a cigaro persuading tomorrow, while clasping laughter of way back when, (it sometimes slips) to sing with your arrival and to ring with your arousal like when I ushered you through down my Nile, risking... Continue Reading →


your favorite piece to critique every flaw and mistake romanticized globalized in your domain, as the phantom that shadows your stage plowing performance just existing just mediating a message of my salvaged tastes to think I'd lay waste to your brilliance your grace however fated was never my place to commentate or delegate your affinities... Continue Reading →

Forgive Your Mother

she never had anything good to say about her mother until she needed help I know a man who still resents his mother for abandoning him when he was young there was another who said she never wanted to see her mother again a pair like to punish their mothers by withholding their children and... Continue Reading →

$#!+s and Giggles

what you frettin' for? I thought the hook up was good? yet you're hanging on me wishing I would chill on me, what's happening? what happened to the heavy hand? you knew this was the plan, hit you up when the going's tough skip a block, see ya' later, I'll keep in touch touch and... Continue Reading →

Sell Out

Contemplating the clearance rack that has a knack for directing the scums my way Weighing whether or not to put myself on display and risk that ashtray conduct just to cop a cum because all anyone wants is to just cop a cum tallying followers with synthetic souls, with those biweekly peaks that skim Romes,... Continue Reading →


she could peel me bare and in the same breathe, turn me into ash then wince at her own botch, but I outlived the quelling cross becoming something from nothing over and over right before her shock, and I'd erect brilliant every time a credit she tried to decline though my shine made the embers... Continue Reading →


So who has me now? Displacing me and going about, Forgiving the injustice, Accepting the happening, Lapping my wounds, It stings and it shows, The pain to feel Whole-halfheartedly. Hushing me tenderly, Sick of my whining and crying. Pushing me to surrender, He's been there. But my skin's scabbed too thick. The slow and painful... Continue Reading →

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