A Little Extra

with everything that I am, with breast that have fed, the marks that snake up and down my tummy and thighs, my blood shot eyes and stiff shoulders and mind, my calloused feet and swollen tear ducts no one wants to admit that I'm more than just a good fuck, that their touch runs deeper... Continue Reading →


you didn't figure my short leash into the picture my shackle sores I love to live to endure rope lines I'm embroidered it is the texture you've grown so fond of as delirious as I am from suspension my submission to a grander commission my raw knees from crawling every morning a twisted tongue from... Continue Reading →


I can hear Her humming through my windows circling me I settle in on a bed of coal, caffeinated under a shade of haze, contemplative reflecting on my days, bewildered by how I've survived to come to know Her as each breath slowed, eternal after all every hair on end as She wafts in, above... Continue Reading →

These Poems – June Jordon

These poems they are things that I do in the dark reaching for you whoever you are and are you ready? These words they are stones in the water running away These skeletal lines they are desperate arms for my longing and love. I am a stranger learning to worship the strangers around me whoever... Continue Reading →

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