Help Yourselves

not everyone catches on to the trend because we die too soon before we can tell the ancient tales of our paladin kin... the pattern goes unnoticed because we're too busy struggling with internal bloodshed to lift our heads and see that the nonsense spilling from TV persuading there's something wrong with us we are... Continue Reading →

I Will Not Stop — Just Pieces

I will not stop. When I see you need food, and my stores are full. I’ll be there arms open to share my blessings with you. I will not stop. When you have no place to go, with weather outside that’s cold and the streets are wet with snow. You’ll find a home, and you […]... Continue Reading →

Forgive Your Mother

she never had anything good to say about her mother until she needed help I know a man who still resents his mother for abandoning him when he was young there was another who said she never wanted to see her mother again a pair like to punish their mothers by withholding their children and... Continue Reading →


there was a tether tugged from behind me awareness hooked and sliding through a crack in my spine I turned and he was already looking at me from feet and feet away yet somehow the distance closed with that one glimpse of anonymous need... two empaths crossing paths in an under-dressed fortuity until he ended... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Crushes…

you spin, surrounded in a circle of wonderful disasters knowing that with a little more work, you could get them to come to Be so you say to me, with just one life to live, I don't know which one to run with, but that's easy to tell, I think, these days just like with... Continue Reading →


I am a writer, I knew this, I am a writer, I felt this, I am a writer, I saw this, I am a writer I heard this when the television sets and the curtains barricade when the pure sleep and the doubt leaks when I settle back Home and the mind slows to a... Continue Reading →


who will I trust you stroll just like all the others, with generic attempts slumping to accept decomposure as I see through you, I'm self contained I see the augment of others through your mirrored musings so who would I laugh with? as your delight is practiced with naked tactics I've countered too many wars... Continue Reading →


when she saunters in relieving my skin with winds swishing by in annual equilibrium when the trees ignite in a cacophony of coloration, releasing before meditation, the fasting solstice when the sky shivers and gets it's winter coat thick and cottony and the moon gloats when the shine exhausts and the shadows stir to blanket... Continue Reading →

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