no touch made unsure, a brush of tenderness just shy of pleasure to be smothered with a blade of comfort... I cannot realize myself from this other. without a line to define with no kiss too meager or a must of lust to start a fuss around every corner I embrace and I absorb with... Continue Reading →

Play Along

if they're just a snippet of the show, and there's still more to go just getcha time and money's worth, you may need to learn more than you know - B. Brown ( via dailyprompt: Snippet ) (image: Rodinia in Black by Sofia Bonati)


the breeze whipped her wisps a droll display, she sweeps them away and says what are you smiling about? ...just the way She graces you... -B. Brown   viaDailyPrompt: Droll (image: courtesy of Pinterest. This is a photograph of a butterfly wing, ultra close, so intricate.)  


follow to really be in the know tag if you're down for the cause like for the money to flow your way share to keep the demons at bay comment for a chance to win happiness subscribe to help the unfortunate send a text to bring world peace honk if you smell bullshit - B.... Continue Reading →

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