Today is the day…

I start my Poetry Fundamentals class. I've reviewed my readings (which is a crap ton of poems by poets with funny names) and my assignments: analyzing object and list poems and discussing them with my fellow classmates. And I have two poems due by Sunday for my portfolio. I'm excited. I'm nervous. But I'm hell... Continue Reading →

My Story Still Continues…

I published my first book back in November. I emptied everything I struggled with into it and then sent it off to the world. My friend asks me why I haven't been promoting it and I told her the truth, even though it was kind of silly. The truth is that I'm a teeny bit... Continue Reading →

Childhood Treasure

it wasn't a doll, though I had plenty, or the cars or blocks lost in my memories I had teddy bears from wall to wall even footballs and basket balls she wanted me to have it all all she never did but mostly what I miss are the hardcovers and paperbacks she'd read aloud with... Continue Reading →

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