Pull After Pull

she will soak
the sleepless night
with her praise,
as glistening sheets
where they may
fleeing from folds of limbs,
bids that bend,
moans and yips
that rinse the walls
amongst rain scented
pillow cases
that cup and caress
strained faces
the moon,
she will rush the room
push and pull
and you will float
and you will drift,
and come to shore
where you may
– B. Brown
(image courtesy of Pinterest)

Surprise Gift

I told her

where not to touch,

not to bite,

not to pinch

what tickled

made me jerk,

went too deep

made me spasm

but the gasps…

and the moans

the pleasure

and the past

the rest

it didn’t matter

as I was lathered

with a sudden rapture

– B. Brown

(image courtesy of Pinterest)


She rests a knee on the edge of the bed, fluffing the collar of her fleece robe, “I’m clean,” she smiles, sleepily.

“Are you?”

She frowns. “What’s that supposed to mean, Johnny Boy?” She bubbles with laughter, wisps of her damp hair sliding along her now bare shoulders. She holds the robe closed with a pinch.

He looks at her coldly, gripping the neck of a beer bottle, “you said you’d be home by midnight.”

“Did I?” Her hands sink into the comforter, leaning in, eyes dazzling, “what time is it now?”

“Don’t play with me,” he says, pushing back against the headboard, out of reach.

“It’s a serious question,” she hiccuped, “how much trouble am I in?” She inches forward. He glares at her. “It wasn’t my fault, really,” she whines, “I told the girls – ”

“Those girls don’t have husbands.”

She gasps, smirking, “Johnny, are you jealous?”

“Where were you?”

“With them,” she knelt between his ankles, “we danced (hiccup) drank (giggles) a lot.” She sways and bends, rubbing a cheek along his calve, “we kissed.”

He raised an eyebrow, “who?” She kisses his shin. “You’re lying.”

“Am I?” Her eyes glittered. Reaching towards him, “come here, I’ll tell you all about where I’ve been tonight.”

– B. Brown


tea still steaming
even in the presence of moonlight
and billowing curtains,
the house still for certain
and the blankets mesh and swallow,

making her formless, harmless against
the night that hovered outside her window
the stars were shy to show
for the grounds caked in snow,


until it’s split with the distant
sound of trumping, slow and steady
she raises from her pillow,
senses unsteady,

the silence whimpers
until it’s snuffed out by patters,
and a frigid clatter from the depth of downstairs

sinking into the throat of the hallway,
she flicked the teeth,
peering down into the dusk
to where the front door hid,


until a shadow loomed and zoomed,
knuckles crackling,
boots stepping softly,

eyes staring at what crept
from the dining room

he scented her,
his head turned as if knowing

gasping and spinning
with the sky sweetly snowing,
she charged from an untimely doom

and he surged the carpeted planks
to flank with an overbearing stature,
he reached for her but faltered
along a trippy heirloom rug,
yet, managing a tug
on the skimpy maroon love shrug,
sending her skipping and tripping,
scattering towards
the game room’s sliding doors,
angrily he called
come here and nothing more

she yipped when she slipped
on cardboard chips,
then she was in his grip,
entangled in arms thick
enough to carve internal harm,
she screamed, searing song
slapped away by a sweaty palm

she cried into him,
he breathed into her ear
a desperate grunt…

hauled to a captive’s quarters,
shut up
warned of a harsher order
but still fighting to flail
she bucks and butts his brow

she’s thrown with a growl,
prowled and pulled by her hips,
arm in the back
of the crick
of her neck,
face flustered
in the folds of flowered sheets
she hears him unbuckling,
she feels her fight buckle,
his hand plants
she stares at his knuckle
you wanted this
his breathe struggles

and he enters,
no detours
straight to her core
she shuns her eyes,
baring tongue to the stuffy sky,

he leans in,
chin to shoulder,
holding her tighter
against him,
ah… Gwen…

he holds her,
handles her,

she moans
against his groan,

…you’re so good to me

– B. Brown

(image by Manuluvsmanu)


spare me 
the virtual intimacy,
I’m more of a 
hands on learner,
don’t cheat
your pleasures…
-B. Brown
(image courtesy of Pinterest)


I should’ve known

I was capable of anything

when all it took

was a shift in my tone

to make another woman moan…

– B. Brown

(canvas by Julia Watkins: http://www.energyartistjulia.bigcartel.com/product/leaning-lovers-soulmate-energy )

Green Light

yeah I twisted my hair, painted my nails…
oh that picture? I got this from the mall
just had to make sure you heard my call

and, I don’t plan on getting dressed

those jeans you wanted to wear?
oh, they’re in the washer, it’s a shame
because they mold against your frame
in the most luxurious way, and
they’re the loudest when I hear you undress

but those’ll do.

naw, keep ’em on,
don’t worry
I’ll get to them in a few.

my opposition ain’t from attitude, trust
my proposition is maybe we could
enjoy bathing under the moon
Where it’s dim, and soft, trust
with us, it’s lust a whim,
you don’t need your phone or keys
you’re staying here with me and the drinks,
and my hijinks
don’t trip what’s happening out
on those streets

you’re here with me

and see, you’ve been on my mind
since you rung up my line
waiting for the right time
to slide through with your rhymes

no lie, you know how to speak to me,
you know how to touch me,
you know how to make me feel lovely
you know just hot to control me

so let those shoulders do the talking,
if there’s gonna be more of that,
and make it hot, baby
I won’t stop ’till
we’ve had our fill
your game is real
grounding me, I’m always down
for the more trill
but you can set your steel aside
take your watch off
and the ear piece
ain’t no better place to hide
than the safety between my thighs

the only colors on sight tonight
will be my hazy greens and trippy blues,
because it’s been too long since I’ve had you,
the brown of my skin,
with the brown of your eyes
and the crown of my hair
through your fingertips,
our bounds collide and confide
in each other’s grip. I slip
into the black of you.
you’re as heavy as a black man should be.
harboring generations of liberated endeavors
and it’s my pleasure
to excavate those treasures

ha, I’m the only one
getting the drop on you tonight

because tonight I gotta different craving
it’s anxious for something raging
something pensively propagating
my tension and…

what you taking your hat off for?
that’s the one I adore
when it’s crooked to the side
and you’re gazing at me
with a promise of dominance
but you can recline and
let the wurd work unwind,
it’s how I drew you in
It’ how we’ve defined our crime,
you buck and I ride
no one else would feel just as good.
nothing else could
tremble walls just as good

because one on one
we’ve challenged each other
fought each other with no prevail
because we mirror one another
we’re equals in this prequel

we resonate something high,
let’s orchestrate
and see where our sighs fly,
what nations collide
what tides rise
I see you as beauty in my mind’s eye
and, yeah, I need you inside me
like the breath that binds me

boi, you steal the show,
so o.g. slow with it
just make it phat baby
I need you,
I’ve been holding it…

-B. Brown

(image: Bandit of Seduction by McFreshCreates)


there was a tether tugged from behind me
awareness hooked and sliding
through a crack in my spine
I turned and he was already looking at me
from feet and feet away
yet somehow the distance
closed with that one glimpse
of anonymous need…

two empaths crossing paths
in an under-dressed fortuity
until he ended up mixing with me
our heat, bubbling familiarity
until I had to look away
before the person of the season
caught wind of our secret converse
our metaphysical traverse
blatant, which only makes it worse
when he comes to stand behind me
to press against me
when the other wasn’t looking
to jump start the passion
even though I wasn’t looking
but I feel him, he knows me
the reason why it’s confounding

he teased the beast I was confining
for the sake of others binding
with me and he left to quickly,
taking his with him while I testified
with an ethereal whim…

I’ve been aching for so long

– B. Brown

(image courtesy of Pinterest)

$#!+s and Giggles

what you frettin’ for?
I thought the hook up was good?
yet you’re hanging on me
wishing I would
chill on me, what’s happening?
what happened to the heavy hand?
you knew this was the plan,
hit you up when the going’s tough
skip a block, see ya’ later, I’ll keep in touch

touch and go, that’s what I choose to know,
and I’ll let you know when I’ve had enough
mat’ fact, I’m not sure if the other night
was right, your game slicker,
tongue quicker
than your speeding bullet
and your mind wasn’t right
sippin’ on a shot a shine
was when you swallowed my shine

Where you at? You ain’t hit me back.
I’m starting to think you got another on the side

another on the side? When did we become one?
for a while, this was all for fun
should’ve known you were a light-weight
when I held my back straight
No, no, this is my life
no one is gonna’ creep inside

and that goes for you too,
yeah, especially you.
’cause you’re making me choose
with nothing on your plate to lose
What’s good?

Hey, I thought you were swinging my way,
I just got some fire in, go on and come way

so, then, what happened to the other day
when I was a dime a dozen,
the shoe fit and now it doesn’t
since I deflect the cussin’
and I’m still out here hustlin’
because no one grapples for me
you couldn’t even see me
until your bed turned up empty
when you needed a lovely
to prove you’re noteworthy
but no amount of poison
can lead me to crawl to thee
so, you must’ve mistaken me
for piece needing a clip
when I require nine yards,
and a practiced grip
You hear me?

– B. Brown


my dress was one of plenty but on me, custom ordered because it suited you. You could touch my knee, inquire about my warmth with a brush on my thigh but you knew I’d stop you before I lit

almost wore the shoes that are as high as I try to be but I didn’t want to give away too much too soon. They were just fine in the sand and my skin, just fine with the lake’s cast off

and I didn’t know what the menu held besides the salmon and green beans that were somehow made into a specialty item, but you clued me in like I knew you could. Knew you would

just like you clued me in on the terrain you snuck me into. I felt the evening time rush while only spruces, pines and ponderosas bared witness to my first move along the board

you knew my twenty-five years hadn’t afforded me the references to your frame of thought, I thought my benefit of the doubt would be truthful if not fruitful

still, the prosthetic affection held my damned attention. While I emphasize the silver linings and sympathize with the shitty timing, my rational picked scraps from your willingness to be risky

and there had never been a roomier truck on a Monday night but you inadvertently had me straying from my younger days when the thrill stifled the screams of an egotistical kill

what kind of woman would invite you in, try to play sweet when she knew she had you on the edge of your seat? Would provide the flint then cringe at the unexpected realization?

the kind that knows her moisture sustains life on other planets, her breathe makes flesh come alive, that her tongue can lap the pressure and spit away grievances, I does this

but you hadn’t planned on paving the entire route, content with just scraping the curb after four months of a dry spell. It only took an ounce to make you levitate

and you hadn’t even ounce of the good stuff that’d really warrant the fuzz. You scampered back to your truck while I was left wishing for at least a buzz

(and thank you for showing me how naive I can really be)

– B. Brown

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