I can't hear you sailing in through glass blades on crystal winds or pattering my sun roof anymore, my breath aloof how do I live again? -B. Brown   (painting by Wyatt Mills)  

Help Yourselves

not everyone catches on to the trend because we die too soon before we can tell the ancient tales of our paladin kin... the pattern goes unnoticed because we're too busy struggling with internal bloodshed to lift our heads and see that the nonsense spilling from TV persuading there's something wrong with us we are... Continue Reading →


It'll come after you've stopped looking at the clock out the window and down the road, when you're done wearing the carpet in trying to picture it, hear it give it hair, lips and grace spray it with choking perfume and dressing it in what others would call 'good' It'll come when you stop judging... Continue Reading →

A Penchant for Her Passion

via Daily Prompt: Penchant All eyes were on you with your sights on me, the thief, the bitch with a superiority complex figuring haphazardly with your entitlement, but my penchant for singeing solace, inflamed passion, buffed your blow because you didn't know about my threshold, the fragment of your confabulation, harbored by our generation, is... Continue Reading →

Dirty Bonnie

Pocket block devils With grit to keep it hot Never seen a check But wads swell the socks Every day, spilling rocks Into the concrete wreck To bleed out the minds, Hearts and faiths. Streetlight butterflies Supplying the wraiths. Funking up sister's kitchen Their lives re-framed With stunk out linens And utensils used in profane.... Continue Reading →

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