Journal: Tight Rope

I've been walking a tight rope lately,my arms stretched as far as they'd gointo the winds,challenging my balance...I don't know what keeps this line suspended,tight enough to hold my weight,slack enough to keep me wavering...I do my best not to look down,I've fallen before,rather not have it happen again,but it's tempting...I keep inching, hoping for... Continue Reading →

Trust Issues

what happens when it's all you got leftkeeping you afloat,giving you hopea line to other hearts,a line to be used against you,as a tournicatestrapped across your vital partshow can you bleed?how do you breathe?- B. Brown(stitch art by Andrea Farina)

Foreign Courtship

caught wind of my culture it's nurtured passions outgrowing their vase growing for a natural cause and after many springs and falls, here you are, applauding it's gall, a weary traveler from the north with skins of fur that adorn your fervor with gifts of comfort and shelter and confers, I could refer to you...... Continue Reading →


tea still steaming even in the presence of moonlight and billowing curtains, the house still for certain and the blankets mesh and swallow, making her formless, harmless against the night that hovered outside her window the stars were shy to show for the grounds caked in snow, silence until it's split with the distant sound... Continue Reading →

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